My girl!

I realize its been 10 months since we added a small member to our family and I haven’t mentioned her once!

You know the first dog we adopted in 2013, Mishka who came from a laboratory , our second also comes from the same background. Early this year, 64 beagles were released from a pharmaceutical testing lab to CUPA, the organization entrusted with the responsibility to re-home these dogs. On the day of the adoption camp, we merely went to counsel prospective adopters and let them know what the experience entails based on our experience with Mishka. As we spent a few hours there, there was this particular dog who kept jumping inside her cage but when brought out, would cower! I brought her out of her cage and put her in my lap and as with everybody before me, she completely fell head down in deep melancholic posture. She just lay there for an hour.

We did not want another dog at all as the resident one was extremely anti-social and completely blind in both eyes. She was already the queen of the house and the apple of our eyes. But looking at the dog in my lap, our hearts melted. So far, she had failed to impress anyone because of her exquisite dramatically sad mannerisms. Before we knew, she was driving back home with us πŸ™‚

The first few days with two dogs at home was quite the challenge to set one up (Mishka) as the upper dog, to keep them from fighting and to let the little blind one know that the new entity at home is not here to pose her a challenge, given that both are female too. Overtime with the help of dog trainers, our patience and constant vigil, Shunti won over Mishka’s heart.

With this one, Shunti (Kannada for ginger) also there are similar encumbrances as before. Of course there are moments where you feel most fortunate to be with such a dog, but there are enough moments when you doubt your decision of bringing home a slightly-emotionally-broken dog.

Here are a few pictures to feed your jealousy:



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