The whirlwind called motherhood

Dear dear dear sleep.. please come back. Blanket me in your warmth and coziness.

This is an announcement post. I am a new mother. And like all other new mothers, I am a little (actually, a lot!) overwhelmed by the whirlwind that life has become.

I know I am supposed to be like… Yayyy… this is an announcement, I am a new mother. I had a baby boy on 23rd dec 2016. I adore him already. And talk about the many rewards that compensate for the back pain and sleep deprivation that comes with being a new mom. But it only feels like other people are having the joy of being around him.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my baby. I do. There are moments when I get frustrated and scream at my mom for no fault of hers (she helps me as I am currently living with her!), I get pissed off at the baby (uhh…) but it all goes away when I see him sleep peacefully or that smirk he makes from his dream.

What really is different from what I thought new motherhood will be, to what it is, is…

I will get a helper and of course my mother is there, so I can get plenty of rest- wrong. I am sleep deprived as my baby is a night owl, so I have to be there to feed him, clean him, put him to bed, soothe him from cries, feed him again as he peed and hence is hungry again, and the cycle goes on. Finally comes morning and he falls asleep and I am left with a postpartum insomnia that doesn’t let me sleep during the day. Result- I am a zombie.

I will not use disposable diapers. I will be eco friendly- wrong. When breastfeeding diarrhea ensues and the baby pees gazillion times a day and you have to keep changing cloth nappies as the baby cries during these diaper changes as they really don’t like it, you prefer the disposable diapers as they are more absorbent. I however am using a mix of both at the moment preferring diapers for night times. No judgement please. I plan to switch or washable ones eventually.

I will start exercising from the first week and get back to my pre-pregnancy shape very soon- wrong. When you have a C-section, the tummy is still sore after 15 days and doctors advise no strenuous activity till after 1 month. I don’t know how I will get to a decent shape and when.

Its now time to kiss my baby awake. Keep watching for updates on new category Mamahood.





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