Surviving ‘almost 3 months’ and a surprise picture delight

When I say surviving, I am speaking for the baby, for me and for my mom.

Well for me and the baby for obvious reasons of being a new mom and a new baby. Like I often tell the baby during our tete-a-tete, “sorry baby, mama’s also new mama, baby’s also new baby“. We are both learning things on the go. I say ‘surviving’ for my mother, as she has to feed the eternally hungry me and for tolerating my tantrums. But hey, I am learning patience.

So now that its been quite some time with a newborn there are some things that I have mastered but like all things u master, u take them for granted. That is how I forget to wash my hands each time after changing nappy, because u know it is so in-the-flow-of-things now.


I have been staying with my mom ever since the baby’s arrival and only today did I take him to my house. The house complete with my husband, my MIL and three dogs. So that has me excited. What I am most excited about is for the journey that my human child and my fur child will share.

Of the three dogs, one is old and did not bother to even look and the second is a bit anti-social and is blind and hence did acknowledge the new member alright! But that was it.Β The third is my doll Shunti seen in the below picture, who is an absolute darling. She exhibited very good body language of being curious, then smelling and then being submissive to say “I wont harm you” while wagging her tail all along. She kept going to his bed and they were both very curious. Cant wait for them to play together.

laying eyes on each other for the first time

Cheers to forging new friendships.



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