My girl!

I realize its been 10 months since we added a small member to our family and I haven't mentioned her once! You know the first dog we adopted in 2013, Mishka who came from a laboratory , our second also comes from the same background. Early this year, 64 beagles were released from a pharmaceutical... Continue Reading →


A new leash of life

Raising mummy, papa Hello all, I am a testing lab rescued beagle, my name is Mishka.. I think thats my name, yes. I am 4 years old and moved in with mummy, papa just 2 months back. So far I am loving them very very much. To be honest, I only took to liking them... Continue Reading →

the person who changed my life..

Have been thinking hard about how and where to begin about her, and about my special bond with her!And of course you will find out who she is.¬†She is lovvvveely, she is sweet, she is cute, naughty, caring, loving, expressive(very) and all the nicest of things you can tell about a person. But! be warned..... Continue Reading →

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